Center for Neuroimmunology & Neuroinfectious Diseases (CNND)

The center brings together a multidisciplinary group of scientists, clinician-scientists and clinicians whose work is focused on the pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of neuroinflammatory and neuroinfectious diseases of the nervous system. More information about CNND, including annual events, can be found here

Blood-Brain Barrier Core

The purpose of the core is to provide Washington University School of Medicine researchers a resource for the measurement of permeability in in vitro blood-brain barrier models. For pricing, consultation, or collaboration opportunities, please check out our Blood-Brain Barrier Core poster (PDF) or contact Matthew Cain ( or Robyn Klein (

Glia Group

This trainee-organized seminar aims to bring together WashU and non-WashU scientists interested in understanding the role of glial cells in the CNS and PNS through works-in-progress and recent publication discussions. More information about Glia Group, including presentation schedule, can be found here or on Twitter